Audio, Video, & Lighting

The best in the Carolinas, The River Place offers high definition services unlike any other in the region. With client needs in mind, our friendly staff is dedicated to giving you a top-notch experience with any video project you throw our way. From web audio and video and documentaries to live streaming events, we are committed to providing the best customer service possible.

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Show the world what you’ve got

Live Event Streaming

We provide live streaming services for an array of events including concerts, conferences, banquets, competitions, and more. No longer does your special occasion have to be confined to those who attend in person. Instead, take advantage of our high-quality lighting, sound, staging, and other production equipment to give your guests a whole new viewing experience. Provide the convenience of live streaming an event so they can join from virtually anywhere. Call to customize your Live stream package today.

Live stream your next event at The River Place.

Stunning commercials are created at the River Place


Using our in-house soundstage, you can shoot, produce, and edit the perfect commercial to capture your audience. Our qualified team will take and transform your raw footage into a high quality, attention grabbing result using our professional equipment. 

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Video Production

Trust The River Place to Bring Your Full-Length, Feature Film to Life

Full-Length Feature Film

We help people like you take your untold stories and transform them into something that can be seen on the big screen. Our team full of videographers, producers, and post-production specialists are here to make sure your content is created and treated with dignity and style. Bring your full-length film to life with The River Place.


Book our recording studio or use our audio tech, along with our helpful team of professionals who will ensure everything runs and sounds top-tier.

Video and audio production go hand in hand. That’s why we are happy to offer high quality audio technology to match our video production services. Voice, music and sound effects, editing and mixing, we have all the tools you need. Contact us today to learn more about our recording studio and audio technology.


The best laid events and production plans can all be in vain if no one is able to see them. At The River Place we have a long list of lighting resources to highlight and showcase all of your creativity and hard work. With hundreds of lighting fixtures, an 800+ channel grid and a talented team we can help give your production the right look, feel and presentation. 

The River Place team is here to help you execute your best visual presentation. Contact Us today to discuss your next production or event!